Q: How much lead time do I need for a proper book campaign?

A: 6 months is ideal. If you are not looking for coverage in any long lead magazines, 4 or 5 months is possible. As with anything, proper preparation leads to success.

Q: What is “media relations?”

A: Media relations is the practice of pitching and responding to members of the media (print, radio, TV and internet) in an effort to secure media coverage (interviews, features, reviews) for a client.

Q: What is a media escort?

A: A media escort is someone who accompanies an author, spokesperson or celebrity in a local market. They might make introductions to local media, suggest appropriate venues, and travel times. AND they actually drive the author from location to location! It’s a great service that takes away the need to navigate in a city you are not familiar with.

Q: What is the difference between PR & advertising?

A: Media garnered by PR outreach efforts are “third person” editorials. The audience for these features generally do not know that a publicist suggested the story to the media.  Advertising is a paid piece. You pay an exact amount for a specific amount of space in a specific publication.

Q: Is traditional public relations dead?

A: It is not dead, but it is greatly enhanced by social marketing, email marketing, SEO and other forms of digital marketing. To launch a proper traditional marketing campaign, it is even more important to hire a trained, seasoned professional. The backbone of traditional marketing is relationships as well as understanding how the public processes news.

Q: Can you do PR for a book that is past its pub date?

A: Usually, no. Pub date is very important to give a book a “timely” hook for media outlets. PR past pub date is doable only in situations where the book’s subject matter coincides with timely news.