“Rebecca takes the time to listen and get to know her clients and then designs a publicity campaign that best matches their needs."

—Lynn Kostoff

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RATES for RTC Publicity Services


Standard Book Project

Fee: $3,000


  • Publishing consultation on production, distribution, events, marketing and how all the pieces work together. Unlimited emails and phone calls. 
  • Book read and analyzed for the appropriate marketing plan.
  • Create marketing plan.
  • Media list (s) compilation. Usually composed of: galley/ARC mailing to longer leads and trade publications, a review copy mailing and a tailored list to the author’s hometown regional media.  Review copies are mailed upon request. 
  • Minimum of 3 rounds of phone and email follow up on all contacts.
  • Arrange approximately 3 booksigning events. 

National Book Project 

Fee: $5,000 and up


  • All the above but adds a stronger focus on national media. This would include any appropriate national magazines, top rated blogs as well as national broadcast media.  


  • $500 per city for small markets (Secure booksigning and booking appropriate regional media).
  • $1000 for mid-sized markets (Miami, San Fran, Boston).
  • $1500 for TOP markets with large amount of opportunities for national coverage (NYC, LA, Chicago).

Media Escort Services

  • Hourly rate: $50 per hour (minimum 2 hours).
  • Day rate: $300 per day.
  • Discount packages available for contract of 3 days or more.


Fee: Usually between $1000-$5,000 per month


  • Everything above for multiple titles.
  • Email marketing (writing and list management).
  • Award submissions.
  • Cross-promotions with appropriate organizations.
  • Contest coordination.

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